Jaqi Aru

Using the Internet and digital technology to promote the use of our native language Aymara.

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Wikipedia in Aymara

Together with our partners at Wikimedia Bolivia, Jaqi Aru has been working to increase the number of articles available in the Aymara version of Wikipedia. We are also exploring ways to share this free and open knowledge with those communities in the rural Altiplano without internet connections.

GlobalVoices Aymara

Volunteer translators from the Jaqi Aru team have been working with Global Voices Online to produce the first indigenous language version of the GV site. This site contains articles about global current events and culture as seen through the eyes of local bloggers. Now this information is available in Aymara.

Laptop Covers

Jaqi Aru sustains its activities with the sale of handmade Andean laptop covers made from the typical Andean textile called aguayo. 100% of the profits goes to support their activities. There are many different models, colors, and sizes to choose from Find out more how you can purchase one of these covers and support the Jaqi Aru project in the process.

Join Our Community

Even though many members of Jaqi Aru live in El Alto, Bolivia, the fact that this is a "virtual" community allows for participation from all over the world. If you want to be a part of Jaqi Aru by taking part in our online activities, please let us know. We'd love to have you be a part of this effort to revitalize the Aymara language through the use of the internet.

Be a part of this movement to help revitalize and encourage younger generations of Aymara to continue to use their mother tongue through the use of the web.
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